About Us


Freedom with Integrity

 The Independent Carrier Group was formed to improve the quality of life  of the members of our organization, as well as our industry, while still  maintaining our freedom with integrity.  We understand the need for  independent carriers to work with each other to make this happen.  For  far too long, we have been working against each other instead of abiding  by the honor code of yesteryear.  Our industry has become eroded to the  point that many lack the self-respect and the skill to succeed in our  business.  This group can help educate each other about various business  expertise, economies of scale, and hopefully pass the honor code on to  the next generation of independent carriers through the process. 


Our Code of Ethics

 Our group shall operate in an honorable fashion without dishonesty. Our group shall attempt to operate at honorable rates to improve the quality of our industry. Our group shall not steal customers nor drivers from other group members. Our group shall operate as brothers and sisters while maintaining our independence. Our group shall treat all honorable members with dignity and respect regardless of company size 


Come Join Us!

 Use the Gold Key to become a member to our group:  

 Membership to the Independent Carrier Group is reserved  exclusively for honorable Independent Carriers and their guest that are  wanting to learn more about our industry.  The discussions in our forum  arena are candid, and are not always politically correct.  If you  dislike candidness and honesty, then you should not join.  There are not  to be any brokers, shippers, or receivers allowed!